Trappers Peak

| May 30, 2018 |

Sometimes, it’s really challenging to recognize what we need, ask the Universe for it, then ACT on our needs. A lot of us can feel the shift in our needs, but not many people actively seek resolutions.

This climb (and trip overall) was a feast for the soul. ‘Twas the day of Haley’s birth, and she arranged a trio of soulful girls to celebrate her entrance into the world! The weather was pristine: not too hot to induce uncontrollable sweating, a warm & refreshing breeze, and consistent clear skies. Minimal wardrobe changes were required and the vibes were high. Plus, we saw minimal people on the trial and the views of the southern Pickets and Mt. Triumph were gosh darn inspiring. Not too shabby for 2018’s first North Cascades summit, eh?

Here’s our journey to the summit of Trapper’s Trappers Peak!