Tanzania and Global Rehabilitation

Published October 23, 2019

Describing the “why” behind my dedication to Tanzania has required a lot of insight, thought, and research. I know why my heart keeps getting pulled back to Tanzania: the people, culture, mountainous & lush landscape, faith, love, and passion. Additionally, I’ve found a way to use my unique skillset to help with the increasing need for rehabilitation services. As my understanding of the need increases, so does the forward momentum of access to services for children and adults with special needs. I feel the pull from Tanzania and, as I’ve described before, I am willingly obligated to continue serving and understanding the people of this country.

In order to continue service in Tanzania, I have dedicated myself to learn more about the country from a broad, global perspective. I have been relentlessly curious about helping without hurting, poverty alleviation efforts, and general statistics regarding the world’s progress in education, rehabilitation, and more. As a huge portion of my dedication to Tanzania is facilitating others during international service learning opportunities, I feel it’s imperative I have a bigger understanding of the culture, people, and needs.

With my insatiable desire to learn, I’ve decided to share my research here! This way, I have a place to reference the information and share it with others, while also opening the door for input and gathering information from people like YOU! I can’t wait to learn together.

Read more for a zoomed-out view of Tanzania’s culture, plus the current state of rehabilitation in the world and Africa.