Things Come Together

| April 11, 2017 |

Happy Full Moon! Today I’m reflecting on what brought me here, to the state of Washington again: all the support and love of my family and friends on the East coast, the endless development of my connection to my heart’s calling, and the power of manifestation.

My brain that was overloaded and confused (therefore “stuck,” and “attached”) finally let it go. Through some intense dark-room meditation with Alan Watts, I got real with myself. I allowed myself to proceed into the next natural step in my life, and started exploring some options. With a ton of meditation and self-reflection, I reached a state progress and clarity. It all seemed to come together so fast, yet I wasn’t overwhelmed. It all felt so natural. I was free within the confines of my mind to control my destiny.

I decided I would head back out to the Western United States to get back in touch with the mountains that had inspired me so grandly in 2016. I came to terms with my areas of weakness, and sources of attachment (to people, places, and ideas) that were detrimental to my psyche. I realized my undying enthusiasm for EVERYTHING sometimes disconnects me from my goals. And so, on January 24th, I made the well-thought-out decision to return to the state of Washington to work with children and I still had so much I wanted to learn, and knew I’d be ready for all that would open up to me back in Washington.

But first? Some more quality family time, sunshine in Florida, and big purchases.