Parallel Lives

Written June 11, 2019
Experienced July 2017 & January 2019

I have severely deep appreciation for close friendships and relationships. We all have people we can count on no matter what: People we can call at midnight knowing they’ll pick up. People we can cry with until we laugh, laugh with until we cry. People who offer non-judgmental ears, and unbiased, unconditional guidance, support, & love. I am blessed to have solid relationships to fall back on – a crash pad beneath me, ready to catch me as I fall from my climb, or carry me away in a crowd surf when I am standing on my stage in my proudest of moments. They’re there for my highs and lows. I love feeling the presence of my loved ones, though most of my nearest & dearest live about 3,000 miles away.

While I have many people I know can lean on no matter what, I can only think of a handful that supersede this connection. They go beyond – to the infinite, indescribable relationship that can only be mystified further by ideas behind quantum entanglement. In some subatomic particles, even when separated by large distances (like, distances across universes… I’m talking LIGHT YEARS), two particles become mysteriously linked… and match each others’ behaviors. If one starts spinning, the other starts spinning. At the same time. FROM LIGHT YEARS AWAY. Basically, it tears the concept of space-time and the particles are interconnected.

Well… similarly… there is a particularly incomprehensible, unseen, magical quality about some of my close relationships in which we’ve felt unusually connected.

It’s down-right eerie when you get on the phone with a loved one and it turns out you’ve had a similar dream… or go through life transitions at the same time. Albert Einstein exclaimed particle entanglement to be “spukhafte fernwirkung” — “spooky action at a distance.” And, wowee, it is spooky and weird… at a distance. (Einstein was pretty literal and smart, I guess.)

Okay, okay, I don’t have relationships in which whatever happens to me, happens to them (this is not admitting I practice voodoo, I promise), but I have some spoooooky friendships and relationships where we’ve used the phrase “parallel lives” to describe our similar life experiences.

Talia is one of those people. We’ve had a magnetic, indescribable friendship, in which our life experiences overlap in some way, allowing for deep understanding and connection. In the last year, we have shared some badass experiences on the west coast together, and I feel obligated & thrilled to express our journeys – photographically and textually.