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Packing lists, tips, and advice for your next trip to Africa and Tanzania.


  • Fly into JRO airport. 

  • Some airline options include, but are not limited to:

    Precision Air

    Kenya Airways

    Delta Airlines


  • See the CDC website for the most updated information.

    Generally, travelers 

  • I (Kristen!) started traveling to Tanzania in April 2016 during an international services learning trip to Arusha with Northwestern University. After working with EDU Africa (then called Edutours Africa), I realized there was huge potential for an ongoing, sustainable program to mutually benefit the communities in Tanzania. The entire “how I started” is a long story, which you can read here!

  • View my service learning packing list and safari packing lists here:

    Service learning packing list for Tanzania

    Safari packing list for Tanzania

    Combined packing list for Tanzania (2 weeks of service + safari + general exploration)

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  • Tanzania uses the Tanzanian shilling (TSH), which can be converted from the US Dollar. It is recommended you bring USD to Tanzania and convert at a bank for the most updated conversion rate. There are also various ATMs in Tanzania that dispense TSH, so bring an ATM/debit care you can use abroad. Additionally, make sure you have a credit card that works internationally! Be sure to let your bank know you’ll be traveling to Tanzania (and anywhere else you’ll have a layover) to prevent getting blocked from using your cards and taking out cash.

  • WiFi is typically available in your accommodations in Tanzania, though it may vary if this is available in your room, or only in communal areas/lobbies. 

    Some options for communication with your loved ones:

    • WhatsApp: place phone calls and send messages (including video/photo messages) when connected to WiFi for free. Make sure your loved ones also download WhatsApp!
    • FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype are some other examples of applications that work via WiFi for communication.
    • Sim Card: