Epic Skiing in Colorado Powder

Written February 17, 2021
Experienced February 8-17, 2021

One pass. Four resorts. Unlimited shrieks of joy. Boundless connection, freedom, and fun.

When I found out my favorite mountain in Washington (Stevens Pass!!) would be on the Epic Pass, I knew I had to purchase it. I’d be skiing most Sundays at Stevens with Outdoors for All to volunteer as an Adaptive Skiing instructor (in training for sit skiing). Plus, living in Everett, I was less than 1.5 hours from the mountain and would undoubtedly get many days in.

To add to the value of purchasing this Epic seasons pass, I was planning to attend the annual physical therapy conference (Combined Sections Meeting) in… *drum roll*… DENVER! When traveling for professional education and networking, why not ALSO throw in a skiing trip?! I made plans to sandwich the conference by skiing with my favorite people in new terrain.

Undoubtedly, getting an epic pass was an EPIC decision. Here is my reminiscing on skiing the Colorado POWWWW… plus some tips if you’re thinking about getting an Epic pass / traveling with skis. Ya know, when we can do this kind of stuff again.

It’d be best to note that this trip was exactly ONE year ago… and I actually JUST took my first flight in over a year. More on that later, but let’s focus on the wintery good stuff right now, shall we?