Quality Time, Food, Wine in Northern California

Written July 16, 2021
Traveled May 27-June 1, 2021

On May 27, I only had a HALF day of work before I could hop on a plane and visit with Justin again! After our last trip’s exciting ending (with both of us spending more time in a restroom than we would’ve liked), we were ready for a redemption trip! Our second round in Northern California was filled of quality time, lodging, food, and (of course) wine! We had a total blast and embraced every moment.

Cheers to embracing where you are with quality people. Don’t want to read the whole thing?? Jump to the end for a quick 3-day itinerary suggestion if you’re headed to Northern Cali! I’d also love to hear what we missed because we will one day return to enjoy food and drinks yet again!