My Obligation to Serve

Written September 16, 2019

How does one describe something that lives in the heart? It isn’t an emotion, but a feeling. It feels like walking into a familiar place, smelling freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, tickling your senses with nostalgia and comfort. It feels like getting a hug from someone you know and haven’t seen in a while, slowly and effortlessly melting into each other during your embrace.

It feels like tears of purification, happiness, and wholehearted gratitude every time I think about Tanzania.

Tanzania founds its way into my life and has dug a home in my heart. The complexities of my feelings around Tanzania and my experiences over the last few years is something I’ve tried to explain many times. This is my attempt to begin unpacking the intentions living in my heart.

You were not meant to be a one-time adventure. You have opened my heart in ways I know I could, but didn’t know how I would. You have brought me joy, faith, love, and hope. For this, I am grateful. For this, I am obligated to serve.

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