Open Conversation About Social Media + Conservation

| July 31, 2017 |

In one of my earlier posts, I dove into the idea of creationism for oneself – of being true to nobody but OURSELVES in our creative endeavors. I noted how I don’t want my art to be tireless. I don’t want to create to make you happy. Instead, I will create to connect to myself, to others, and to the higher self that lives inside my soul. As Elizabeth Gilbert so eloquently put it in Big Magic, “Be the weirdo who dares to enjoy.”

And so, I’ve been on a mission to stay true to myself (whoever that is), free myself from comparison, and focus inward for my creative inspiration.

I feel it’s appropriate to again enter the forever perplexing conversation about social media, especially after Delightful Pursuit’s workshop with six photographers in the Pacific Northwest. I also would like to respond to the questions Jacob Moon recently posted about social media. He asked the following challenging questions: What do you see as the biggest problem facing our wild places caused by Social Media? Are Outdoor focus social media influences in general doing enough? When you read through all the captions that people write do you often here messages of conservation and protection?

Let’s dive deep, Fellow Dreamers. I truly hope you comment below on your thoughts. Let’s open a conversation, together.


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