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Summer 2019 Adventure Journal
Written September 9, 2019

when things start looking up,

and all i can see is the light,

it really starts to feel

it has been worth the fight.

rising stronger with a full heart i come

remembering how life can be oh-so fun!

dancing and climbing

through life and up walls

i know now what i need to stand tall!

with feet rooted in faith,

mind focused on strength,

and a community by my side,

i am here feeling grateful, wholehearted, ALIVE.

This summer has been fulfilling in many ways. My pasty Irish complexion has connected with my Italian roots, as consistent sunshine has kissed my skin and given me tan lines. I’ve done some epic stuff, but also some whole hearted LIVING with people I love and a growing community in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve grown in relationships with my coworkers and friends, plus maintained connection with those far away. I’ve summited peaks, skied glaciers, camped in vans, supported friends in the Pride Parade, hung at the beach, mountain biked for the first time, bought my first road bike, and MORE! It’s been sunshine and fun galore.

This is my adventure journal for 2019’s sunny, glorious summer. It is certainly not all-inclusive of course, but I put forth a decent effort to recount all these amazing memories from mid-May to August.

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