Mt. Shuksan, Fisher Chimneys

| August 3, 2018 |

This was, by far, my favorite climb I’ve ever done. Not only that, but it was the most challenging and I feel like I learned SO MUCH. On July 7-8, I was lucky to join our team at Peaks of Life on an epic climb of Fisher Chimneys on Mount Shuksan. After our Peaks of Life team’s photographer/videographer backed out, I subbed in to take some video and experience my very first alpine climb (sorry, Mom, I know it wasn’t a “hike”).

As you may or may not know, I am the blog author for Peaks of Life and just released our trip report on our website! Believe it or not, it’s super confusing to write to versions of one trip. The public version that people will appreciate for the beta, and my personal account where my brain makes silly little jokes and sarcastic comments and overenthusiastic thoughts about glaciers and ropes and swirly rocks and trees and rappelling and gear and OH MY GOSH THIS WAS SO FUN AND ALSO TIRING AND JUST PLAIN AWESOME.

Please read the trip report on More Than A Summit Blog here, while I continue writing my personal account, which will include: limericks, incredibly random songs, bruises, cussing at crampons, bruises, magical QFC sandwiches, and a lot of learning to trust my feet (always a process).

Also I’m pretty sure I looked like a total dork (feature image for proof) with my skiing bibs and bright green Patagonia jacket. Anyone know where I can get better-fitting pants? Just kidding, I love my annoyingly colorful array of outdoor clothing. Functionality + Fun, that’s what I say.

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